For some clients, we do it all. For others, we work with them on an as-needed basis.
  • BrandMasterTM — Brand Story and Strategic Marketing Plan featuring The MARKSMANSHIP BridgeTM
  • Account Management
  • Logos, ID Packages, Slogans
  • Early-Stage and Leveraged Developmental Branding Programs (trade and brand names for business units, products, services, licensed technologies and processes; nomenclature; graphic standards)
  • Website Design, Maintenance
  • Search (organic and paid; meta-content); Web Marketing (inbound/outbound); Social Media (friend/follow/share, etc.)
  • Turnkey, Custom Creative for Print, Radio and Television, Outdoor, Direct Marketing, Brochures/Collateral, Promotions
  • Custom Music, Signatures and Jingles
  • Videos (live action; animation [2D, 3D]; and motion graphics)
  • Offline/Online Media — Traditional/Digital including Planning, Negotiation and Placement
  • Research
  • Brand Naming (Name Generation) for Businesses, Products, Services, Technologies and Processes
  • Public Relations
  • Consulting
Over and above all that, we do many unusual things, too -- such as executive books, sales presentations, corporate mascots, trade shows, etc Contact us now to hear more about our advertising services