About Marksmanship

Marketing, advertising and branding has become atomized and commoditized and globalized. Everything dominated by price.

Actually, there are some things that fit well into this "what's your price" world. Things like sugar, hog bellies and electricity come to mind.

Others, however, do not fit into the mold so well.
The ones dependent upon talent, experience and style.

Like branding.

While price is a factor, choosing a marketing partner based on price presumes that talent, experience and style make no difference.
But in my business, it still makes all the difference.

Otherwise, all books would be bestsellers.
All movies would be blockbusters.
All heart surgeons would have identical skills.
And all branding efforts would get noticed,
remembered and change mindsets.

The difference between success and failure in each case is the applied talent, experience and style.

Well, that is the real difference between me and everyone else:
Talent, experience and style.

It's why I've been hired by hundreds of companies over the past 25 years. And why I've been able to create countless successful brand names, logos, slogans, videos (explainer and live action), characters, etc. for them.

It's because they recognized the value in and were willing to pay a competitive price for something that no one else offers: Me.

-- Mark Rothenberg, President --

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