The Brand Story

Since the only constant is change, what every business needs today is much more than just a Plan; they need a modern Brand Story. From a marketing perspective, this is the blueprint that must come before everything else -- goals, strategy, tactics, execution, etc.

Unfortunately, few clients have one because few marketing firms insist upon it or have the talent and experience to create it.

For Marksmanship, it has been the bedrock for many successful campaigns over the years. And, the best way to forge strong relationships with customers, vendors, employees and other important business/social stakeholders. From there, we can leverage it and build upon it.

You see, in today’s super-competitive, hyper-connected world, EVERY company must find ways to OPEN NEW MARKETS and to ATTRACT NEW BUSINESS.

And they need to find more CREATIVE ways to accomplish this.

Moreover, we know that the future is not to think of ourselves as just an ad agency. Or as a marketing and branding company; but as a creator of BRAND-STORY WORTHY, QUALITY CONTENT for the wide array of media platforms out there.

In that way, we can ensure that our clients’ Brand Stories play on the biggest stages possible.

It's really all about the increasing power of Stories, not just facts. About shorter and shorter attention spans and the New Ways to Connect and Engage versus the Old Ones.

Nowadays, if you want to grow and thrive, you must go beyond just making a CONNECTION. You must ENGAGE. And achieve it from any location, on any computer, smartphone, device or tablet.

The Old Economy: Based on you finding customers.

The New Economy: Based on your customers finding you.

The best way to accomplish this starts with the modern Brand Story.

For the rest of the story, here is a link to our recently published best-selling book on Amazon, titled The Brand Story In All Its Glory.

The Brand Story By Mark Rothenberg