I’ll Never Forget What’s-Its-Name…

Mark Rothenberg Logos, Names, Slogans

Anything and Everything that is born, created, made, bought, sold, used or happens gets a Name. 

This concept also expands to proprietary technologies and processes for licensing.

More important, the equity built into a Name is the most valuable and calculable asset owned by a company.
Said another way:  The most valuable asset owned by any company is the collective equity built into its trade and brand names.

What is Lexus worth today?
What is Viagra worth today?

Deciding on a Name for a company, product or service is among the first steps taken within the marketing process.
Ultimately, it is the foundation of the entire marketing and branding effort. 

What you name your business, product or service often can determine how much attention you'll get from customers.

  • Above all, great names enhance and cement a brand’s image in the minds of customers
  • Creating original Names for (or Renaming) Businesses, Products and Services is a very unusual niche.  With over 200,000 trademark applications and over 40,000 new products and services entering the U.S. marketplace each
    year, getting the right Name...
  • approved by committees and
  • cleared through the trademark offices...
  • ... is very hard to do.

And becomes harder to do with each passing day.

The harsh reality is, companies that have internalized or failed to appreciate the importance of these challenges continue to relive painful experiences, lack of brand awareness, loss of market share, shareholder value, increasing competitive pressures and ongoing, disappointing ROI.  Which is why more and more companies are turning to professionals.  Like Marksmanship.

But coming up with the right Name can be a lot harder than it looks.
Although many companies within this marketing arena, when asked, will say that they can create Names, they typically lack the experience, necessary disciplines along with the qualifications to perform the due diligence required to do the job.  But, in the end, can they come up with the RIGHT NAME?  A Name that gets NOTICED, RECOGNIZED, REMEMBERED and “STICKY.”  GET IT APPROVED BY a committee?
Followed by getting it cleared through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office?

As a specialist, we go deeper into the process than other “marketing related” generalists.  An illustration of the concept asks: Which doctor would you choose to perform surgery on a defective heart valve?   A heart surgeon?  Or a general practice physician?

With whom would you feel more comfortable?  In whom would you feel more confident? 

Coming up with a great Name does not pose as much of a challenge as coming up with a Name that could be owned and trademarked.
Therefore, we believe that it is critical to follow a process, a systematic method that will yield many candidates.

The best Naming projects begin by laying out a framework of objectives and determining what the Name must convey by studying the audience it will speak to, and understanding what message the Name must communicate.
Our proprietary process ensures that no other company on the planet goes about the Name generation process in the same manner.

Marksmanship represents a new breed of branding specialists.
We work with clients who understand and appreciate the value of turning to experts in this crucial area of marketing, business and commerce.
We Create Brand Identities — Names, Logos and Slogans.

And, most importantly… 
Names that get NOTICED for:

  • New Businesses (trade), Products and Services (brand)
  • Proprietary Technologies and Processes
  • Commercialization
  • Tech Transfers
  • Rebrands, Mergers and Startups

A few thoughts on Logos…

The Logo embodies an entire company, product or service into a simple, graphic representation.  It must instantly connect “what you see” with “what you get.”  That’s why creating the perfect Logo — one which works on all levels — remains the ultimate design challenge.

The uniqueness of a Logo is of utmost importance to avoid confusion in the marketplace.  The best ones become very famous trademarks used to identify businesses, organizations, events, products or services.

The human mind recognizes and understands symbols FASTER than words.  It’s why you react faster to the shape and color of the STOP SIGN — rather than the word STOP written across it.

Logos can also be used in a variety of ways: horizontally or vertically; in color or in black & white; or in reverse.

Additionally, a Logo with what we call a Graphic Bug, can add yet another dimension and more flexibility.  For instance, when you see just the GOLDEN ARCHES, you know that it represents McDonald’s — even without the world McDonald’s affixed to them.  Or the APPLE WITH A BITE representing Apple.

Often, I also like to add descriptive BULLETS (•) under the Logo -- especially if the Name is FANCIFUL (i.e., invented).

Similar to the Cover of a Book, these components act as the “underscore” to help the Name and Logo set the tone for “What’s Inside.” 

Slogans, too.
At Marksmanship, we believe that a Slogan has one purpose and one purpose only:  To represent and to sum up the essence of what differentiates one product, service or company from all others.  And to do so in a very clever, succinct and distinctly memorable way.

As part of the branding process, linking the right “Slogan" to the company is imperative.  For these two things tell prospective buyers not simply who you are, but what they can expect.  The Slogan makes it stick. 

Like Wheaties: The Breakfast of Champions®. 
Or Nike:  Just Do It

Ultimately, these components (Name, Logo and Slogan) will function as the foundation upon which everything rests and relies upon in order to succeed across all media platforms.  In the end, they create the springboard that enables us to UNIFY and to PROJECT our message across all media platforms.  

And upon the world's biggest stages.

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Mark Rothenberg has over twenty-five years of marketing, advertising and branding experience. And is an expert at creating original Names for businesses, products and services.

He has also produced countless breakthrough branding campaigns…

  • Run two full-service, offline/online advertising agencies
  • Conjured up boatloads of memorable Names and Brand Identities (names, logos and slogans)
  • Written, cast, directed zillions of ads and commercials
  • Penned thousands of slogans
  • Composed the music and lyrics for umpteen jingles
  • Created and illustrated innumerable mascots and characters
  • And received many of the industry's most prestigious awards for creative excellence.

Mark's recent book on branding.. The Brand Story In All Its Glory… is also posted for sale on Amazon.